When We Get Feedback After A Successful Fundraiser, We’ve Completed Our Mission

Thanks so much. You guys are fabulous to work with. You make fundraising amazingly easy!

Malden, MA

We cannot express how pleased we were with our fundraising delivery last week. The delivery man very quickly and efficiently loaded all of the fundraising products into our pick-up area. We were thrilled to see everything pre-boxed by student, and I have not heard of anything missing. Very well done fundraiser.

Lebanon, CT

Thank you so much for resolving this issue and in such a timely manner as well. You have been so wonderful to deal with; your updates on the status of finding a resolution were much appreciated and I am very impressed with your attention to this matter. The world could use more fundraising companies with your attention to customer service.

Wye Mills, MD

Just wanted to let you know that the way you guys have sorted the frozen fundraising items by student this year is fantastic! It really makes fundraising easy for the organization and the smoothness and professionalism of the delivery person was outstanding. We appreciate your continued efforts to make your fundraisers accessible and “user friendly” for schools. And having the fundraising order sheets back was a nice surprise. Keep it up! It is considerations like these that keep schools coming back! I know we will!

North Attleboro, MA

Thank you so much for an awesome fundraiser! The delivery men were just great and of course the excellent customer service is always great!

Mendon, MA

Delivery went really smoothly, and your driver was so nice to stick around and help me organize everything — that has NEVER happened with other fundraising companies, and it made a huge difference. It was a wonderful fundraiser experience, and we’ll definitely use your company again next year! Thank you for everything!

New Paltz, NY

We are so pleased with every aspect of our fundraiser and the staff and volunteers that were there today were so pleased with everything! We can’t say enough good things about your fundraising company!!

Dartmouth, MA

You have been so extremely helpful. Your customer service has impressed me more than I can say. Your prompt response has been appreciated and we will use you again for upcoming fundraising sales.

Oneida, NY

Everything has been delivered, and I cannot thank you and your company enough for making it so very easy for us! To have everything grouped by teacher is heaven! The school has been very impressed with the whole Meadow Farms experience.

Londonderry, NH

I really appreciate your patience, professionalism, and sense of humor. You easily guided me through what I had thought would be a difficult process. Thank you so much for your careful attention and time. I’d also like to thank the guys who delivered our order. They were friendly and professional, and they knew just how to organize our boxes to make pick-up run smoothly.

Stoughton, MA

Your company is unbelievable. In a time when customer service is non-existent, Meadow Farms is top notch! I can’t even begin to thank you all for everything that you do!

Everett, MA

This was the best fundraising company I have dealt with! Sign us up for next year. You made it so easy

East Taunton, MA

Thank you so much for resolving this issue and in such a timely manner as well. You have been so wonderful to deal with; your updates on the status of finding a resolution were much appreciated and I am very impressed with your attention to this matter. The world could use more people in the customer service arena with your skills.

Wye Mills, MD

I just wanted to express our thanks for everything regarding our fundraiser. Our delivery arrived yesterday and we were so impressed with how everything was packaged and sorted. I bought quite a few rolls of wrapping paper and several of the pies/desserts and I was very happy with the quality of everything! Your company was such a pleasure to work with! Thanks so much for everything!

Nashua, NH

We are quite pleased with how well the fundraiser went and the addressing of any issues. This way we continue and will continue to do business with you. Thanks so much!

Old Orchard Beach, ME

This is great customer service! I am so grateful.

Natick, MA

KUDOS to New Meadow Farms… What an upstanding, reliable, great company. I would recommend New Meadow Farms to anyone interested in a fundraising event.

New York, NY

As always you are a great company to deal with.

Bradley, ME

The driver was great at delivery yesterday! On time and efficient! All went very well.

Alton, NH

I want to take the time to thank you for all your help. Since we signed up with Meadow Farms, we have had full support. I would definitely recommend this Fundraiser to any school. You have been very supportive, quick to respond and our order was very organized. I really appreciate all your help today and throughout this whole process. We would like to extend our appreciation. Your pies and cakes are delicious and it was a pleasure working with you. We look forward to running another Fundraiser through Meadow Farms again in the future.

Westerly, RI

I just wanted to thank you on behalf of our school. This was a very well run fundraiser. We will be doing it again next fall so keep us on the schedule.

Wakefield, MA

I wanted to let you know that the feedback on the Meadow Farms fundraiser has been very positive! People liked the different items -many felt they were more “upscale” than our previous company, and many felt Meadow Farms was very organized. We had only ONE item returned due to breakage and no missing/incorrectly received items! Everything else was PERFECT! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!

Willington, CT

We have used several of the different fundraising options you have and have been satisfied with all of them. The products offered are of high quality and we have seen our sales/profit increase every single year! A few years back we changed fundraising companies just to try other types of fundraisers. After 2 years we went back to Meadow Farms because, in my opinion, there was no comparison. There was much more work involved at the school level and the customer service was neither as responsive nor accurate in filling orders. We look forward to continuing to use Meadow Farms for our fundraising needs.

Greenville, RI

This was my first time coordinating fundraisers for our school and I could not have done it without Meadow Farms. I came into the position after the fall order was placed. Little did I know that I would basically have nothing to do because Meadow Farms did it all for me. Each box was individually marked with the students’ names. I was also impressed that the boxes were dropped off and put in order of grade. I thought to myself, if all my fundraisers are this easy, I would be very happy.

Medford, MA