Here are 10 simple fundraising tips guaranteed to improve your success:

1. Create a Fundraising List of People to Support You

Think creatively here!
Put together a list of family, friends, neighbors, your parents’ coworkers or work out buddies, etc… Who do you or your parents see on a regular basis that could support your fundraiser?

Remember, it doesn’t hurt to ask so build the biggest fundraising list you can by including everyone you can think of!
Never sell door to door without an adult with you!

2. Register for Your Own Custom Online Storefront

E-commerce offers a great way to supplement your fundraising efforts and spread the word quickly!

Register online, or sign up on the Meadow Farms app (debuting Fall 2019!), to be able to use some pretty cool tools that have been proven effective in fundraising. You can upload an image of your choice, set your own mission statement or personal message and use all of your Dashboard tools to make fundraising a breeze!

3. Set a Fundraising Goal and Continue to Raise It

Make sure you set a personal fundraising goal! You can even publish this goal when you Register for your online storefront!

Most sellers will set their fundraising goal high to inspire themselves and their supporters (i.e. friends and family). Also, you can log back in to your Dashboard and raise your goal as you start to see the fundraising dollars come in. Remember, you’re fundraising for a cause you care about. Push yourself to raise more than you ever thought you could!

4. Remember Your Inspiration

There’s a reason why you are fundraising – make sure to remember that and bring that same energy to your fundraising efforts. Remember to create a mission statement when Registering for your online storefront!

As you go about setting your fundraising goal and sending out personal appeals to your friends and family, try including a personal message about why you are fundraising and what it means to you.

The more personal you can make it, the better!

5. Send Handwritten Notes Early

Think about making your initial requests via a handwritten note and deliver it personally if possible!

Email is faster and can return instant results, but good old fashioned hand written notes show a personal touch. Sometimes even friends with the best intentions can easily lose or forget your email in an overcrowded inbox.

6. Get Face to Face

When you’re fundraising, make it a point to ask the friends and family you see on a regular basis to support you by purchasing something from your fundraiser.

Dinner parties, soccer games, church, family reunions etc. These are all great opportunities to make in-person fundraising requests. Remember, it’s difficult for people to say “no” if you speak with them in person. Bring your fundraising packet with you!

Also, consider creating simple “fundraising cards” that have your online storefront link on them. That way, when you see people in person, you can hand them a card and ask them to buy online when they get home.

7. Use Your Fundraising Tools

It goes without saying, but using all of the Meadow Farms provided fundraising tools can increase your success!

  • Register and Share your custom online storefront!
  • Download the Meadow Farms App (debuting Fall 2019!) to use right on your phone!
  • Take advantage of the Text to Pay feature in the Meadow Farms App!
  • Share your online storefront on social media – Share Early & Share Often!
  • Share your online storefront via email or text as well – all from your Dashboard!

These are all invaluable fundraising resources – not just for your supporters, but also for you as you keep track of your fundraising campaign. You should direct all of your contacts to visit your custom online storefront!

8. Make It Personal

People will buy from your fundraiser because YOU are asking them to. It is as simple as that!

You have the opportunity on your online storefront and in your texts & emails to tell them why you are fundraising. Communicate your passion to your potential supporters as it is a critical part of your fundraising success!

9. Follow Up

It’s very common for people to put things off in the hustle & bustle of life. A little reminder nudge never hurt anyone.

If someone has indicated that they are willing to support your fundraiser, but hasn’t – don’t hesitate to follow up with them. You want your supporters to place their orders before the fundraiser ends!

10. Send Thank You Notes

It’s a simple thing to do, but also one of the most powerful. Make sure to say thank you to everyone who supported your fundraiser. Send emails, write personal notes and thank people in person.

Do it every opportunity you get. This will ensure the success of future fundraisers!

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