Frequently Asked Questions

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Meadow Farms priority is to make your shopping experience easy!

The answer to your question may very well be in our FAQ’s below.

Why am I being asked to enter a code before I can start shopping?

We need the student identification code to be sure the participating child earns credit for their efforts.

Is there sales tax on product orders?

Most non-profit organizations are exempt from collecting sales tax through the organization’s 501CS tax exempt status.

If a product order is placed after the fundraiser has ended, will the school or organization still earn profit?

YES! Most orders can be placed any time before the Fall season ends in mid-December, and the school or organization will still earn their profit. However, please know that orders placed after the sale end date do not count towards a student’s prize level if an incentive program has been chosen.

Why can’t I have my frozen food order shipped to my home?

We guarantee the highest level of quality and satisfaction with our frozen food products. To ensure this, it is best to have the product delivered to the school where it can be stored in a temperature controlled environment.

What do I do if there is a missing, damaged or incorrect item received in my order?

Customer satisfaction is important to us! Directions on how to proceed with your item discrepancy are listed on the student correction form and “bounce back” card (received with your online order.) Either way, corrections should be communicated to the chairperson of the fundraiser as soon as possible so that we may address the issue promptly. If your chairperson is not available, we will try our best to help you directly while also keeping the school’s records accurate.

If I am ordering from a student, when should I pay them for my products?

Students are instructed to collect the total amount due when the order is placed so they may turn it into the school with their order form.

I ordered a magazine subscription. Who do I contact for questions about it?

Magazine subscriptions can be ordered two different ways. 1. Through the student, via their paper order form. Meadow Farms provides a magazine voucher with the student’s delivery for distribution to the buyer. The voucher itself contains instructions on how to go online and select the desired subscription, as well as a contact phone number of 877-604-6513 for questions regarding. 2. Online, via the Meadow Farms’ shopping pages. The buyer’s order is directly transmitted to Time for fulfillment, and the email address provided within the product description for questions is

Meadow Farms Fundraising does not directly fulfill magazine subscriptions, and questions or concerns should be directed to Time via the contact information noted above.

I am a student. How do I order my prize?

If your school is offering the prize incentive, you will receive a prize flyer explaining your options. For prize levels that are accumulative, the correct prize for the level of sales you attained will be sent to you automatically at your school. If you have done exceptionally well this fundraising year, and qualify for a prize in levels H-M, please note your desired prize in the Prize Earned box on the bottom of your paper order form.

If you were unable to find the answer to your question above, please contact us at OR review the chairperson manual.