We’ve Been The Leading Fundraising Company In New England Since 1968

We have fundraising programs for everyone! We are the largest fundraising company in New England and offer top earning catalog fundraisers, -Thons, in-school shops and Carry & Sell programs! If you need help choosing the right fundraiser, we would be happy to assist you through the process.

Commitment, Community and Care…Meadow Farms

Fundraising… Since 1968. For nearly 50 years and with more than 100 million dollars raised, we’ve been committed to helping communities support the programs you care about most by bringing quality fundraising programs to New England and beyond.

Our fundraising development consultants have been a part of the communities they serve…They coach, they cheer they volunteer. Because they care.

They care about the people in their communities, the schools they serve and the programs and activities they help fund.

Let’s face it…The world has changed. Your community needs your leadership and support now more than ever.  This Fall’s fundraising cycle will be crucial, not only to fund the traditional programs you’ve supported in the past, but now, with strained budgets at the district and statewide level, many of the core programs your kids count on.  Districts are going to make tough choices leaving many important programs underfunded such as hardware to support distance learning for families in need, helping teachers get the best resources for their classroom and special events to show teachers just how much we appreciate them

At Meadow Farms, the safety of your students and families is our number one priority. That’s why we’ve made a substantial investment in new technology to make online ordering easier and new shipping options making fulfillment faster and safer.

We call it “Distance Fundraising”. 

We ship all non-perishable products directly to the students OR buyer’s home.  This means less hands touching your order and a more streamlined approach for you as the organizer. We even offer a cash donation option for those who may simply want to donate to help your organization.

Meadow Farms provides the highest quality products, with nearly half of them made in the USA, including gift wrap, candles, and gourmet food items made right here in New England supporting our local economy at a time they could certainly use a little extra help.

Together we’ve faced many challenges over the last 48 years and each challenge has made us stronger, made us better and this will be no exception. Meadow Farms is New England’s oldest and largest independent fundraising company and we don’t take that lightly.

We are making changes to our program and services focused on helping your organization raise money for what’s most important and reducing your workload while continuing to provide the products and gifts your community has come to expect year after year, season after season.  

We are committed to you, your students, your community, and the causes we know you hold dear. Together we will continue to strive for greatness so we can serve your community for another 48 years…. Meadow Farms

Family owned and operated since 1968, Meadow Farms Fundraising has been providing high quality fundraising campaigns to thousands of schools and organizations throughout the Northeast!

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Thanks so much. You guys are fabulous to work with. You make fundraising amazingly easy!

Malden, MA

We cannot express how pleased we were with our fundraising delivery last week. The delivery man very quickly and efficiently loaded all of the fundraising products into our pick-up area. We were thrilled to see everything pre-boxed by student, and I have not heard of anything missing. Very well done fundraiser.

Lebanon, CT

Thank you so much for resolving this issue and in such a timely manner as well. You have been so wonderful to deal with; your updates on the status of finding a resolution were much appreciated and I am very impressed with your attention to this matter. The world could use more fundraising companies with your attention to customer service.

Wye Mills, MD